How It Works: Fiber Optics

We’ve discussed the benefits of Fiber Optic cables, where you can find them in your everyday life, but how do they work?

In order to understand how they work, let’s explore how they’re made!

Fiber optic cables are created from thin strands of glass or plastic known as optical fibers, and when we say thin, we mean […]

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The Future of Nuclear Power

For years, the term “Nuclear Power” has been the proverbial boogeyman of the electrical world. Tied to true tragedies, the fault does not lie in nuclear energy, but human error. In fact, nuclear power emits no greenhouse gases, can produce efficient power in a compact space, and is cost-efficient.

It’s time for the narrative to shift […]

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Stay Connected to the Future

In 1983, OCC Fiber worked with NASA and the U.S. Armed Forces to develop their signature durable fiber cable for extreme environments

In 1992, the early copper innovation paved the way for RJ-45 style connectors to achieve Category 5 levels of performance, allowing for Gigabit Ethernet data transmission speeds.

In 1994, the Category 5 patent was the […]

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Living with Fiber Optic Cables

Living with Fiber Optic Cables
It’s easy to forget how intricate our connections are. Within each cable lies a world of data, technology, and the science that brings it all together.

Our expertise, Local Area Network (LAN), is a combination of computers that are connected to share software. LAN is used in a variety of industries including, university […]

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Creating a Connected Work Environment

Innovations in the work place has created a great space to thrive in! From automated process to seamless WiFi, employees are no longer chained to a desk. In fact, being connected means having the freedom to get up, walk around, and spread your wings.

CableLAN Products, Inc. is all about creating a cohesive cable process for […]

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Getting to Know Your Cats

Get to know the many cats of the business world. No, we’re not referring to those furry four-legged friends that we all love so much, we’re talking about cable categories, known in the technology world as “Cat”.

You may have seen cable sizes referred to as Cat 5 or Cat 6. Each category is associated with […]

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The Benefits of Fiber Optics Over Copper Cables

Fiber optics faster than the the speed of light? It sounds like something straight out of Star Trek, doesn’t it?

It may be surprising to hear that it’s not too far out of the realm of possibility. Fiber optics are the choice for the future. Versatility and powerful connections are attracting professionals from every industry. In […]

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Connecting Home Entertainment Systems

A home entertainment system takes your home from great to incredible. Many families are investing some time and cash into building an entertainment system right in the comfort of their home.

The Boston area is turning to you, the companies who have rightfully claimed their spot in the home entertainment installation industry. If you’re a seasoned […]

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How to Differentiate Between Types of Fiber Optic Cables

We’ve discussed Fiber Optic Cables a lot in the past but the truth is, we’ve just scratched the surface on this multifaceted system.

Fiber optic cables are versatile in their function and installation. Today, we’re giving you a glimpse of the most common types of fiber optic cables in the home, as well as the office […]

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Understanding Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

As technology advances, energy efficiency is a common concern. While enormous strides have been taken to stay sustainable, there is still a massive amount of waste produced by homes and offices. A large amount of waste boils down to electricity.

We live in a digital world; our computers are on nearly 24/7, lighting systems are needed […]

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